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Image of an excavator with green overlay and the words "Core Values" written on the side followed by "We are Dedicated," "We are Team Players," "We Value Reputation," and "We do The Right Thing."

Our Guiding Compass: Comstock Construction’s Core Values

At the heart of our company lie four fundamental values that guide everything we do. They set the tone for our culture and outline the behaviors we hold most dear. These values aren’t just words on paper, they’re deeply ingrained in our culture and influence every aspect of our operations. From the office to the job site, they serve as our compass, guiding us forward in the right direction.


How we Chose our Core Values

So how did we come up with our core values?  We did a really neat exercise to come up with our Core Values. We selected 3-5 individuals on our leadership team who had been with our company for many years that truly embodied the essence of Comstock Construction. From there, everyone came up with a list of words they thought described that person’s work ethic. After seeing some similarities between these words, we picked the top ones, and those became our core values.

Comstock Construction’s Core Values

1. We are Dedicated.

Our first core value is “we are dedicated.” From start to finish, we roll up our sleeves and dig in to deliver on our promises. Our dedication is palpable in our daily work ethic; our team members are known for their hard work and commitment to getting the job done. From the moment a project begins until its completion, we’re fully invested.

As our general manager, Kevin Koppang states, “Dedication, for me, just means being dedicated to get the job done. And doing whatever it takes to get that job done. Delivering on what we say we’re gonna do when we’re gonna do it.”

Dedication means staying one-on-one with the owners and listening to what they’ve got to say. It sometimes means staying a little later at work, going above and beyond, to ensure a successful project.


2. We are Team Players.

Next comes team players. We believe the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back.

“Without everybody working together, there’s no way we could get a job done. Just like any other thing, you don’t have  a ball game without playing as a team. So, we believe that we’re “We” not “I” at Cosmtock Construction,” says general superintendent Shawn O’Leary.

We live out the importance of teamwork, seeing everyone pitch in because the success of the collective is paramount, and we’re all working towards a collective goal. Nobody is too high-up in ranks to help and that shows in our servant leadership every day.


3. We Value Reputation.

And then reputation. Integrity. Quality. Excellence. And doing what we say we’ll do. On every project we are auditioning for the next project.

Our commitment to reputation is reflected in our impressive statistics, with over 60% of our projects coming from repeat customers who appreciate our approach. We make it a point to convey to clients that “On every project we are auditioning for the next project,” emphasizing our continued commitment to excellence.

Shawn O’Leary goes reiterates this by saying “We build our jobs on getting the next job for the owner. If the owner’s building a brand-new building, we want to be the ones that come back in and help them build another building, build an addition onto their building, make their company stronger by making a facility that works for them.”


4. We Do The Right Thing.

Finally, and very importantly, we do the right thing. Not what’s always easy, but what’s right for everyone involved.

We vet out what’s right and consider everyone involved in the project, from clients to our employees to our vendors. We tackle difficult conversations. We follow the specifications. We make sure to use the highest quality materials. We don’t take shortcuts.

And when it comes to doing the right thing, we don’t shy away from difficult conversations or challenges. Whether it’s communicating setbacks to clients or navigating unforeseen obstacles, we tackle them head-on with honesty and integrity.


Why Core Values Matter

In practice, these values are evident in everything we do. For instance, in our hiring process, we seek individuals who resonate with these core values. We proudly showcase these values on our marketing materials, website, and job trailers, serving as constant reminders of what we stand for.

Ultimately, these values aren’t just ideals; they’re the backbone of our organization, guiding us as we strive to make a positive impact in everything we do.