Our Solutions

Your Solution-Centric Building Partner

We at Comstock Construction are solution-focused. All projects have challenges and your challenges will become our challenges.

Our commitment to you is that we will work hard to find solutions for every challenge.

Our Proven Process

Your project is so much more than the “brick and mortar” of the physical building. You and your project become the beneficiary of our proven process to guide you through the project and ensure consistent project delivery. Our proven process is the lifecycle of your project and our relationship.

Discover: We will learn about you, your project and any challenges, and give you the opportunity to learn about us.

Develop: We will develop the vision of your project and discover its needs and functions.

Collaborate: We will collaborate and lead with the entire project team. It is so important to have the collaboration of all three parties (Owner, Architect and Comstock) working together to have a successful project.

Deliver: We will build and execute the plan.

Assess: We will assess with you if your expectations were met. We learn from every project.

Service: We will remain partners to continue to service any needs you may have. Four generations strong, we will be here for you in the future.

Build: We will strive to build long-lasting relationships throughout the process.

Infographic entitled "Proven Process" with subtitle "Building upon our legacy of people helping people" underneath.
Our guarantee is that on every project, we are auditioning for your next project.

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