Commercial Construction

We Build Your Vision

Your project is so much more than the “brick and mortar” of a physical building. It’s your dream. Your vision.

But building your dream facility takes a lot of coordination. That’s where we can help. As a General Contractor, we tackle the nitty-gritty construction details so you can rest a little easier at night. We buy the materials, provide the expertise, and schedule the subcontractors so you get time back to focus on other priorities.

We’re passionate about helping people help people. Whatever your field, from healthcare to government to education, we want to help you achieve your mission. And that all starts by partnering with us to build your vision.

Delivery Methods

The Delivery Method selected establishes the contractual relationships between all parties involved in your project. Hover over the four methods below to learn more.

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR)

This is a collaborative three-party system in which the owner contracts directly with a design firm and directly with Comstock. All parties work together in collaboration to establish a design that aligns with the budget. Prior to starting construction, Comstock (CMAR) establishes a guaranteed maximum price (GMP), which locks in the maximum price for the project. Comstock contracts and manages all subcontractors and suppliers.



Looking for a one-stop shop? Design-build is just that. You hire Comstock Construction to manage all aspects of the design and build. Comstock hires and manages the design team directly as well as the subcontractors and suppliers with input from the owner.

Construction Management Agency (CMA)

Construction Management Agency (CMA)

Under the Construction Management Agency (CMA) contract, Comstock Construction serves as an agent to the owner providing pre-construction and construction management services. However, the owner contracts directly with the design team, construction manager, and all subcontractors and suppliers.



This is a traditional method of project delivery. The owner hires a design firm to design the project with no contractor assistance, the project is competitively bid, and the lowest responsible bidder builds the project. The responsible contractor hires and manages their subcontractors with no input from the owner on subcontractor selection. There are no pre-construction services utilizing this method and the selection of your contractor is determined solely by price rather than experience, reputation, trust, or an established relationship.

Pre-Construction Services

Not sure how or where to start on your construction project? Pre-Construction services might be for you! Our team works to discover your needs, develop your vision, collaborate with the project team, and ultimately deliver an outstanding project.

Site & Facility Analysis

Building new or looking to remodel an existing space? Our team can assist you in analyzing different sites or existing facilities to determine the most suitable solution to meet your needs.

Pre-Referendum or Pre-Bond Planning

Providing solutions that are suitable for both the taxpayers and end users is essential in gaining the support that public projects need. We assist in educating the community to gain the required buy-in.

Design Collaboration

Our team works hand in hand with a design team to establish your vision and develop the scope of your project. Depending on the delivery method of your project, the contractual relationship with the design team can be established by you, the owner, or by Comstock Construction.


Utilizing our well-established historical cost data our team can provide accurate estimates early in the pre-construction phase ensuring that the design aligns with the established budget.


Have a deadline to meet? Detailing out the project schedule early in the pre-construction process establishes key milestones that keep the project tracking through the pre-construction and the construction phases. It also allows for long lead times items to be identified and planned for.

Constructability Reviews

Our team reviews the plans and makes suggestions to ease the construction process, taking into consideration time and costs. We also take maintenance into consideration; we strive to deliver a facility that is easy for users to maintain.

Bidder Solicitation

After the design phase is complete and the drawings and specifications are approved, the project is bid out. Comstock’s estimating team solicits bids from sub-contractors and suppliers to perform the specified work. The compilation of bids concludes the guaranteed maximum price of your project. Approval of the GMP cues the construction phase.

Speak with a representative about your construction project.


The New Town Public School District #1 worked with Comstock on two projects: the High School Gym and the CTE Center. Comstock did a great job of keeping the building projects on time and on budget. Their staff were competent and easy to work with. They kept us updated in all aspects of the project. Both buildings are a source of pride for our community.

If you are looking for a General Contractor for an upcoming construction project, look no further. Comstock Construction from Wahpeton, ND can put your mind at ease when planning a big construction project. Working with Comstock Construction during the construction of our new 20 million dollar elementary school building was nothing short of exceptional.

Because of Comstock Construction’s experience on healthcare projects, they have a clear understanding of the impact construction has on patient care and the importance of timelines, project budget management, safety and security challenges. Comstock Construction, from their owners to the on-site staff, have always performed with a high level of integrity.

I was very confident after our first meeting that we could make the project successful. Our total cost came in under budget. I give a lot of credit to the Comstock team for making suggestions to the architect and to me that saved us considerable amounts of money and time.

I have nothing but great things to say about the Comstock team. From concept to finish, the support provided is second to none. Not only does the finished product always match the vision discussed, but in my multiple experiences, we have come in favorable to budget and on-time!