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Embark on a fulfilling journey with Comstock Construction, where we tailor career paths to align with your unique goals, fostering a personalized and rewarding professional experience. Where your contributions matter and you’re a name, not just a number.

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Our Recruiter

Mandy Gunderson


Steps in the Interview Process

We’re so glad you’re interested in a career at Comstock Construction! Watch the video below to find some helpful tips and tricks for applying for a role at Comstock Construction. We’ll also walk through the steps in the hiring process, how to prepare for an interview, and what type of person we look for when recruiting for The Green Team. Best of luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to learn more? Explore our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers about working for Comstock Construction. Get the insights you need to make an informed decision about shaping your career with the Green Team.

Applying & Interviewing

Can I apply for more than one job?

Absolutely! As long as your skillset matches the job requirements, by all means, apply! We’ll talk with you about the differences in each role and gauge which would be the best fit.

What happens after I submit my application?

Each application is reviewed within a couple days and candidates that most closely fit the role are forwarded to management. Once management narrows their top picks, candidates are contacted for a phone interview to learn more. From there, those still in the running will be invited to either a phone or an in-person interview at one of our three office locations. If selected as the final candidate, an offer will be extended. The entire process usually takes anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

What qualifications and skills do you look for in potential candidates?

We look for candidates first and foremost with relevant educational backgrounds and/or experience in their field. We do find strong communication, problem solving, and teamwork skills are huge pluses relevant to nearly all our positions. And as always, our top candidates tend to embody our core values of dedication, teamwork, valuing reputation and doing the right thing.

I want to work for Comstock Construction but there's not a position open for my skillset. What should I do?

If you don’t see your ideal position, apply under our ‘General Interest’ application. We keep those handy and review for best fit when a new opening becomes available. As a tip – almost all our field positions become available spring through fall during our busy season. So be sure to check back during that time!

How should I prepare for my interview?

The first phone interview is pretty casual. We’ll ask you to go through your resume and experience in a little more detail and why you’re looking for a new role. The questions we ask are very task-based. For in-person interviews, we typically have you meet with your future manager and our recruiter. They’ll ask you to talk a little bit about your work background, your passions, and what makes you a good candidate for the role. We recommend brushing up on your background experience, skillset, and some relevant stories to go along with it. We especially look for folks who will fit our core values of being dedicated, a team player, valuing reputation, and a person who does the right thing.

Pay & Benefits

What is your pay schedule?

Everyone at Comstock Construction is paid weekly! We’ve found this is the most preferred method by our employees.

When do benefits start?

Benefits start the first of the month following 60-days of employment.

Once Hired

Am I required to travel?

Certain projects require field employees to be away from home during the week but are almost always home on the weekends. Most will head out of town on a Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on the distance, and then come back Thursday or Friday. Travel for most office positions is minimal but we do have folks frequently going back and forth during the week between our offices in Fargo, Wahpeton, and Fergus Falls.

What does a typical work week look like?

For field employees that are traveling to a jobsite out of town, they usually leave on a Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on the job distance, and come back on Thursday or Friday. This is based on the scope of work required for each job. Office staff generally work in the office Monday-Thursdays from 8am-5pm, and Fridays 8am-3pm. We do our best to offer flexibility where needed so you can make it to non-work activities like doctor’s appointments, kids’ activities, and other life events that are important to you.

What is the onboarding process for new employees?

Our onboarding process is simple and easy. First, we require a pre-employment drug screen. Next is standard paperwork and an overview of the company history, procedures, and policies. We also require safety training before arriving at any jobsite, for field and office personnel. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be distributed once all safety training has been completed and approved by our Safety Manager. Finally, job-specific training is provided by your supervisor. Then you’re off and running!

What does a typical career path look like at Comstock Construction?

No two people are alike, so we tailor our approach at the individual level. We’ve had people hired under one division but had a passion for another, so we helped them make the switch.  We’ve witnessed employees grow with the company from college students working part time in the field to project managers, and then onto leadership positions. We’ve had people who don’t want to move into management and just want to continue developing their skills and we’ve helped them specialize in the trade they love most. Everyone is different and that’s exciting!

What Sets Comstock Construction Apart

Why work for Comstock Construction?

If you’re looking for a company that cares about their employees first as humans and second as workers, then Comstock Construction is for you. If you are looking for a mid-sized company that is small enough that your contributions make a tangible difference, yet large enough to provide you support to thrive, then Comstock Construction is for you. If you’re looking for a company that is building a sustainable future by steady but not overwhelming growth, then Comstock Construction is for you. If you’re looking for an established business with a positive reputation within our local communities, then Comstock Construction is for you. If you want a place with room to grow and chart your own career path, then Comstock Construction is for you.

What is the leadership like at Comstock Construction?

Three words that would describe our leadership are: friendly, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable. They care about workers first as a person and then as an employee. And it shows in a great way. Our leaders are people just like you who have worked their way up in the ranks throughout their years at Comstock Construction, so they get it. They understand the day-to-day dynamics because they’ve been there. And that means a lot. The decisions they make and the direction they lead our team are realistic and mindful of our staff and their capacity.

Safety Measures

Is a drug test required for employment at Comstock Construction?

Yes, we do require a pre-employment drug screening for all our employees plus random drug tests for current employees. We’re a safety sensitive workplace and no one is allowed to be under the influence while working.

What safety measures and protocols does Comstock Construction prioritize on construction sites?

Our motto is everyone home safe every day. And we’re serious about that. So we run all our jobs with safety top of mind.

Conducting site assessments and inspections to identify and address potential safety hazards is a daily occurrence. This includes making sure equipment and machinery are in good working condition. Life is precious. We never take that for granted.

Current Students & Recent Graduates

Do you offer tuition reimbursement?

We offer tuition reimbursement for employees who have worked at Comstock Construction for at least 1-year after graduating from a college program related to their job. Ask our recruiter for details!

Does Comstock Construction offer paid internships?

Yes! We believe it’s important to train the future generation of construction workers to jump start your construction career. Reach out to our recruiter to learn more!

Equal Opportunity & Accommodations

Is Comstock Construction an Equal Opportunity Employer?

Yes, Comstock Construction is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOO). We believe it’s important to celebrate the unique traits we each bring to the table. No one is discriminated based on race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or veteran status.

Do you provide accommodations for people with disabilities?

Comstock Construction works with employees on a case-by-case basis to explore accommodations due to a disability. Though accommodations aren’t possible in every situation, we do our very best to make sure you’re supported where we are able. Because we realize we all need a little extra support at times.

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