Project Description

In pursuit of expanding its healthcare portfolio within Roseau County, Minnesota, LifeCare contracted Comstock Construction to oversee a comprehensive two-phase retrofitting project of over 14,000 square feet of a former Dollar Savers store. The result was the establishment of the LifeCare Warroad Wellness Center.

Phase one of construction transformed designated areas into a comprehensive rehabilitation center. This segment of the project integrated treatment rooms, massage therapy facilities, and dedicated spaces for behavioral health services.

Phase two ushered in a contemporary community fitness area, complete with a surrounding walking track. The seamless execution of this undertaking transpired over the course of approximately one year, with careful consideration given to minimizing disruptions for occupants of the partially utilized premises.

The inauguration of the LifeCare Warroad Wellness Center heralds a noteworthy milestone, enhancing healthcare accessibility and wellness options for the local community. This two-phase construction initiative underscores LifeCare’s steadfast commitment to holistic well-being and the provision of high-caliber healthcare services throughout the region.


Client:LifeCare Medical Center
Location:Warroad, MN
Surface Area:14,893 SF
Architect:Foss Architecture & Interiors

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