Project Description

The Sanford Horace Clinic is the first-ever healthcare clinic facility in Horace, marking a pivotal milestone for the community. Sanford’s mission was clear: bridge the healthcare gap in Horace and make medical services more accessible for all residents.

Situated in the Shoppes at Horace strip mall, located at 7951 Jacks Way, the clinic’s convenient main-drag location ensures that healthcare is no longer a distant destination. It’s now an integral part of the community’s daily life. Horace’s rapid growth in recent years has necessitated local healthcare services. The Sanford Horace Clinic ushered in an opportunity to provide essential medical care in sync with the community’s expansion.

Sanford’s goal at the Horace Clinic was to provide essential primary care services for people of all ages. The design of the build accomplishes that goal, plus provides room for future building expansion and additional services. Comstock Construction helped them build :

  • 16 Exam Rooms: Providing ample space for medical consultations, examinations, and patient care.
  • Onsite Lab: Equipped with modern amenities, the onsite lab ensures swift and accurate analysis of blood draws, enhancing the quality of care by cutting down on test result times.
  • Future Expansion: Sanford’s forward-thinking approach includes provisions for future expansion, allowing the clinic to adapt to evolving healthcare needs, ensuring its continued relevance.

Our journey as builders of the Sanford Horace Clinic was guided by a shared vision of enhancing healthcare accessibility for the Horace community. We’re proud to have created not just a healthcare facility but a cornerstone of community well-being. It’s a testament to our commitment to building a healthier, happier Horace. We look forward to watching the Sanford Horace Clinic flourish, benefiting the community for years to come.


Client:Sanford Health
Location:Horace, ND
Surface Area:7,410 SF

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