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5 Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

What are Pre-Construction Services 

Pre-construction services refer to a wide range of activities and processes that occur before the actual construction of a project begins. Comstock offers a variety of pre-construction services that are tailored to your specific project needs. This beginning phase of construction is the foundation to the success of your project. Our pre-construction services include; site and facility analysis, pre-referendum or pre-bond planning, design collaboration, estimating, scheduling, constructability reviews and bidder solicitation and procurement. Each and every project is unique in terms of its objectives, requirements, location, scope and numerous other factors. Likewise, each owner and owners’ group is unique as well. Our team customizes our services to accommodate your unique construction endeavor. 


5 Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

Our pre-construction services offer numerous benefits to our clients and stakeholders involved in a project. Here are some key advantages to engaging in pre-construction services: 

1. Construction Expertise From the Beginning

Engaging construction experts from the beginning ensures that the project is well-prepared. It helps you make informed decisions, minimize risks, control costs, optimize timelines, and achieve the desired level of quality for your project.  

2. Budgeting and Cost Control

By engaging a contractor early in the planning stage, we can help you gain a better understanding of the costs associated with your project. This allows our clients to make informed decisions about their project. Value management or value engineering is another pre-construction activity in which our team identifies opportunities for cost savings within the project without compromising quality or the client’s programming and project goals.  

3. Scheduling

Detailing out the project schedule is a critical activity for the success of any project. Establishing key milestones for both the pre-construction and construction phase are essential to keep the project tracking. Specifically in the pre-construction phase, design milestones are vital in the progression of the project as they serve as tangible goals and indicators of how the design process is advancing. In some instances, owners may have specific dates that need to be met as it pertains to budget spending or facility opening. Early schedule development also allows for the team to identify any long lead time items that need to be streamlined to eliminate potential bottlenecks in advance. 

4. Improved Design and Functionality

The collaboration between owners, architects, engineers, and construction professionals during the pre-construction phase leads to a more refined design. Constructability reviews allow for our team to review the plans and specifications and make suggestions to ease the construction process taking into consideration time and costs. Our team also wants to deliver a facility that is easily maintained by the end users, so maintenance is another thing we take into consideration. 

5. Builds Trust

Building trust with your construction partner is essential for project success. At Comstock, we are dedicated to your project, we are team players, we value our reputation, and we do the right thing. By upholding our core values, we aim to establish trusting relationships that ensure a seamless and successful construction project.  


Overall, pre-construction services facilitate a more efficient, cost-effective, and successful construction project by addressing key considerations early on and setting a solid foundation for the construction phase.  



For more information about our pre-construction services contact Jason Flack at (701) 892-7241 or Olivia Yost at (701) 892-7274.