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Woman and man in safety yellow vest kneeling down to sign their name on a red construction beam.

Rising to New Heights: Väderstad North America’s Beam Topping

In the world of construction, few events are as special and meaningful as a beam topping ceremony. It’s a moment when the vision of a new project starts to take shape, and the dreams of those involved become more tangible. On Tuesday, August 29th, 2023, Väderstad North America celebrated one such momentous occasion at the […]

White woman with long bright blonde wavy hair in green long-sleeve Comstock Construction polo leaning next to desk with construction blueprints.

5 Benefits of Pre-Construction Services

What are Pre-Construction Services  Pre-construction services refer to a wide range of activities and processes that occur before the actual construction of a project begins. Comstock offers a variety of pre-construction services that are tailored to your specific project needs. This beginning phase of construction is the foundation to the success of your project. Our […]

Drone aerial view of the Fergus Falls RiverFront pavilion during construction, from the south river's view.

We Did That! Callout to Fergus Falls Riverfront Project

“We did that!” is one of our favorite things to say. Here’s another great call out to the beautiful Fergus Falls Riverfront project we’ve had the privilege of being a part of, by civil engineer Jon De Graaf of Bolton & Menk, Inc. in Fargo, ND. In an article for Prairie Business magazine, De Graaf […]

Group of people standing on sand pile shoveling scoops of sand for groundbreaking ceremony

Phase II of Fergus Falls Riverfront Project Commences

Phase II of the Fergus Falls Downtown Riverfront project has officially commenced with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 4th, 2023 to celebrate. This portion of the project adds a splash pad, updated parking area, public art exhibits, and special landscaping to the existing Market Pavilion building. The Market Pavilion building was the first phase of […]

Scaffolding wrapping around the corner of a brick building on a snowy, sunny morning.

Overcoming Construction Challenges in Winter

One of the most common questions we get asked is, can construction work continue in winter. It’s a valid question; especially when you live in an area like ours where the months below freezing can sometimes outnumber the months above freezing! The good news is yes! Yes, we can continue construction progress in winter, with […]