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Group of people standing on sand pile shoveling scoops of sand for groundbreaking ceremony

Phase II of Fergus Falls Riverfront Project Commences

Phase II of the Fergus Falls Downtown Riverfront project has officially commenced with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 4th, 2023 to celebrate. This portion of the project adds a splash pad, updated parking area, public art exhibits, and special landscaping to the existing Market Pavilion building. The Market Pavilion building was the first phase of […]

Gravel road with barricades blocking off flooded section of roadway. Overflooded river on either side of road spilling onto gravel road.

4 Quick Ways to Prevent Flooding Over Large Areas

Flooding season has become a hot topic in the Red River Valley the past few decades. Since the 100-year floods of ’97 and ’09 (500-year flood in ’97 for Grand Forks, ND), counties have taken some great steps to mitigate flooding. But even with those measures, it seems there are still regions in the valley […]

Comstock Construction precast concrete building in Fergus Falls, MN with dark green panels with Comstock sign in the foreground and bright blue sky with clouds in the background.

Comstock Construction – Built on trust

Business View Magazine interviews Kevin Koppang, General Manager of Comstock Construction, for our focus on the Precast Construction Sector Comstock Construction is a fourth-generation, family-owned general contracting company based in North Dakota and one of its top commercial construction companies. Their core markets in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota include the commercial, education, government, […]

Scaffolding wrapping around the corner of a brick building on a snowy, sunny morning.

Overcoming Construction Challenges in Winter

One of the most common questions we get asked is, can construction work continue in winter. It’s a valid question; especially when you live in an area like ours where the months below freezing can sometimes outnumber the months above freezing! The good news is yes! Yes, we can continue construction progress in winter, with […]